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In 18th century Paris, during the age of Enlightenment, music salons were commonplace. A host
would invite like minded individuals to their home to be entertained by live musicians; the purpose
of such salons was simply to enhance the musical and cultural appreciation of those attending.


Chopin made his reputation playing at these events.

45 years ago, the instigators of the HHA Music Group took the principles of the Paris music salon and
have run with them to this day. Each month since 1974, a member has hosted at their home a
convivial evening of recorded music of their choice interspersed with refreshments and discussion.


The Group will be celebrating this milestone 45th birthday with a garden party in September.
I (Geoff Caldwell) joined the group in 2018 and every music night I attend has presented me with interesting
and sometimes exciting new discoveries. While my own tastes are centred upon some of the more
serious pop, rock and folk music of the 1960s and 1970s, my fellow members have introduced me to
some achingly beautiful classical pieces, cool and soulful jazz, life enhancing world music and
melodic tunes by new British singer songwriters (amongst many other things).

Music group membership requires no formal musical skills or virtuosity, only an open mind (and ears) and a readiness to listen to an evening of specially selected music.
I was pleased to take over from George Andrews as coordinator for the group.


The group is most grateful to George for his splendid work as coordinator over 13 years. Although standing down
as coordinator, George will continue as a member.


Anyone interested in joining the group can contact me and can then maybe attend an evening to see if it is for them.

Each meeting is the third Thursday of the month and just click the button below to liaise directly with Geoff about attending one of the dates listed below;












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