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Our dedicated team of experienced volunteers are always focused on being the voice for the community.
They are all local residents and have an active interest in making Hampton Hill a safe and enjoyable place to live for everyone. We are always seeking ways to improve our community and aim to partner with you to ensure Hampton Hill thrives.


Mandy Gray


I have lived in Hampton Hill for nine years and joined HHA shortly after moving here. Hampton Hill is a very friendly place to live with a great sense of community and I am very happy to step up to the role of chair to help look after what is precious to us all.  

Linda head shot.jpeg

Linda Brignall

Linda has been involved with HHA for several years, having spent over 30 years in our local library and several in the library at HH Junior school. She loves being part of our village community and sending and receiving information by email from members. 

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Brian Brignall


Geoff head shot_edited.jpg

Geoff Caldwell


Geoff has been a HHA member since moving to Hampton Hill in 1988 and a committee member since taking over the Music Group in 2019.

Music is his primary hobby and he is delighted  to be involved in a group that enables sharing his interests with others. Geoff also enjoys playing guitar and banjo with a local community folk group.

Geoff is a retired HR Manager, who enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren, running in Bushy Park, exploring London and taking walking holidays in the UK.

I G A head and shoulders.jpg

George Andews


I have lived in Hampton Hill for over 40 years and became very interested in the Environment, local and further afield, during a year working for Richmond council during a 12-month project designed to introduce to the community the council’s more extensive recycling scheme requiring food waste, household materials and card as well as paper to be collected each week. Having to patrol large areas of the borough, I realised how ignorant most of us were about the negative effects of our social as well as personal habits on the local resources, leading to pollution and wastage of so many basic materials that could be reprocessed and thus re-used to conserve our diminishing natural resources.  

It also began to be apparent that the world’s Environment was just a huge but limited superset version of our own local area and was suffering from the same abuse and damage caused by its peoples, manufacturing, commerce and our own inadequate as well as thoughtless stewardship of what is not infinite but very much limited and suffering: the once pure air, untainted water, natural resources and universal beauty around us.


Carol Atkinson



Situation Vacant



Situation Vacant


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